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Aromatherapy Accessories from dōTERRA®

Lotus UltraSonic  and Aroma Ace Diffusers for true, aromatic use of essential oils

Lotus UltraSonic Diffuser from dōTERRA<sup>®</sup>

Price:  $119.95

There are many reasons why diffusing pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils into your home or office should be part of your daily routine.  And now, dōTERRA® provides you two excellent ways to do this: the Lotus UltraSonic diffuser and, now, the Aroma Ace diffuser.

Either of these fine diffusers will make dōTERRA's fine products even better: transforming dōTERRA's pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils into minute atomized ion particles and active oxygen anions, for better absorption of the essential oils' precious constituents into the body.

Lotus UltraSonic Diffuser

The Lotus UltraSonic Diffuser is an elegant diffusing system.  Very quite, it fills your space with the wonderful fragrance of the oils, while giving off a soft blue light.  Standing about 13 inches high, the Lotus UltraSonic diffuser will become a focal point in any room.

Simply add purified water and a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and the beautiful fragrance is carried throughout every room in your home or office.  And, you not only can enjoy the wonder fragrance of the oils; but, you receive all the therapeutic benefits of health and well being, by breathing in their rich, aromatic chemisty. 

Get your Lotus UltraSonic diffuser today.

Aroma Ace Diffuser with On Guard® Blend

Aroma Ace Diffuser from dōTERRA<sup>®</sup>

Price:  $173.27

The Aroma Ace diffuser is a powerful, compact, and easy-to-use essential oil diffuser system.  It's simply the best diffuser I've ever used.  Just skrew a bottle of your favorite essential oil onto the nebulizer and attach to the diffuser, set the controls and enjoy truly hassle-free aromatherapy for hours or weeks at a time.

The Aroma Ace diffuser has a wide range of adjustments, so that you can diffuse just the right amount of oil for any given situation.  It adjusts for out-put (or volume control; how hard the diffuser runs, when in operation), time on and time off, with built-in on/off timers.  This gives you almost limitless options.

I currently have my Aroma Ace diffuser set at about 30% of out-put pressure, with a run time of about three minutes, with 12 minutes off between cycles.  It keeps the room nicely scented, and a 15 mL bottle of oil will last for some weeks.

The Aroma Ace diffuser is my personal choice for most diffusing needs.  My recommendation: Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of this advanced aromatherapy system.

Made in the USA.

The Aroma Ace diffuser comes with 15 mL bottle of On Guard® oil blend.

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