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Whisper™ Essential Oil Blend for Women from dōTERRA®

An intoxicating blend for women — and men

Purify cleansing essential oil blend from doTERRA
Price:  $31.95

doTERRA's Whisper™ essential oil blend is a perfect balance of several certified pure therapeutic-grade® (CPTG®) essential oils, unified to impart beauty, femininity and allure.

But, this oil blend is not just for women.  Whisper™ has a wonderful balancing effect on men, as well.  And, its chemistry interacts with that of each individual user, resulting in a truly wonderful fragrance that is unique to each person.


5 mL bottle.

About Whisper™:

Containing the certified pure therapeutic-grade® essential oils of rose, jasmine, bergamot, cinnamon, cistus, vetiver, ylang ylang, sandalwood and patchouli, as well as cocoa and vanilla, Whisper's subtle fragrance, once applied, mingles with your individual scent, to enhance the essence into something that is all your own.

But men, don't feel bad, Whisper™ makes an excellent cologne for men, as well.  I use it frequently, and love the results.


For topical or aromatic use.

What customers are saying about dōTERRA's Whisper blend

"I received my bottle of Whisper on on Tuesday, September 6th.  In the evening, when I openned the bottle, I was like breathing Heaven!!!  I applied it — just one small drop!! — on my temples and under my nose, and it put me right to sleep.  I used it the same way during the day, and it smells so-o-o-o good.  This is good stuff.

"Here in Philly, lately, the weather has been moist and damp; so, when I wear Whisper under my nostrils, I get that deep breath smell … .  It's euphoric!!!!  This will definitely be on my autoship, along with some other items."

→ Marlene J.

"I experienced Whisper (the blend for women) last night for the first time …   And I do mean experienced!  I smelled it and wow!!!  It was so amazing!  I don't know that I have physically reacted to an oil, in that manner, in a lo-o-o-ong time!  I will be advocating this oil to any woman I meet.  It literally caused a physical response in my body …   Immediately.  Ask Justin Harrison [who was leading the meeting]. …   I think he was afraid I was going to … well … take his bottle, at the least!  *grin*  Talk about passion returning!!!!  *whew!!!*

"I bought two bottles promptly, and am huffing … okay, bathing in it! … today.

It is a blend meant to be perfume for women. …   But I am certain it did some hormone balancing within me.  It is amazing!!!

→ Jessica W.

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