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The Equine RainDrop Therapy DVD and Quick Reference Guide

Bringing the power of the RainDrop Technique to your horses

Equine RainDrop Therapy DVD from New Era Productions
Price:  $39.95

For many years now, tens of thousands of people have enjoyed the amazing benefits of RainDrop.  Now you can bring that same love and therapeutic benefit to your horses.

What is Equine RainDrop Therapy?

Equine RainDrop Therapy is an adaptation of RainDrop, created by the holistic veterinarian Dr. Heather Mack, VMD.  While based on RainDrop, a revolutionary aromatherapy application for humans, the Equine RainDrop Therapy focuses on the unique structural needs of the horse's anatomy.

It's a simple, yet powerful, treatment for your horse, that enhances the immune system, alleviates pain along the spine, and generally invigorates the horse.

Advanced aromatherapy for your horse

On the Equine RainDrop Therapy DVD , Dr. Mack states that the purpose for doing the Equine RainDrop Therapy is to strengthen the horse's immune system.  But she also says that it is:

And, she says, it leaves the horse with an aura, an energy of healing and vibration, so the horse will not get sick.

Meet Dr. Heather Mack, VMD

Equine RainDrop Demo: See some of the steps involved in the Equine RainDrop Therapy.

Why not do something really wonderful for you and your horse?  Get your copy of the Equine RainDrop Therapy Video today.  It's only $39.95, plus shipping.

About the Equine RainDrop Therapy Video

The Equine RainDrop Therapy DVD is produced by New Era Productions.  In this 51-minute video presentation, you are given a clear and concise demonstration of the Equine RainDrop Therapy that will empower most horse owners to perform RainDrop for themselves.  It also provides an introduction to therapeutic-grade essential oils, and how they can be used to optimize your horse's — as well as your own — health.

Also available: the Quick Reference Guide to Equine RainDrop Therapy

Equine RainDrop Therapy DVD from New Era Productions
Price:  $39.95

Simplify your practice of the Equine RainDrop Therapy with the Quick Reference Guide.

A companion to the Equine RainDrop Therapy Video, this handy booklet gives you convenient access to the basics of the Equine RainDrop Therapy.

With 9 pages of simple diagrams and explanations of the steps to Equine RainDrop Therapy, this booklet offers you a convenient way to learn as you do.  Spiral-bound in a convenient 9" X 6" format, its pages are laminated for greater durability and ease of cleaning.

Available only to those who have purchased the Equine RainDrop Therapy video.  Get your copy of the Quick Reference Guide today.  It's only $15.00 (plus shipping) with your order of the Equine RainDrop Therapy video.

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