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Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Oil from dōTERRA®

Calming and relaxing, a universal oil with countless applications

Lavender oil from dōTERRA<sup>®</sup> Earch Essentials
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Our most popular oil, lavender has been cherished for thousands of years for its unmistakable aroma and its therapeutic properties.  It is widely used and accepted for its calming and relaxing qualities.


15 mL bottle.

About lavender oil:

For topical, aromatic or dietary use.


Lavender in the News

A recent article at Star-Telegram.com reported that, in a recent study at the Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital, 14 intensive care nurses, working 12 hour shifts, rubbed essential oils on their forearms.  They were then asked to rate their stress levels.  Half were given a true lavender and clary sage essential oil, while the other half were given a placebo oil, made from almond oil.  More than half of the nurses using the lavender essential oil reported a decrease in perceived stress.  The article emphasizes the importance of using a pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil that has not been diluted or spiked with chemical fillers.

Lavender was also mentioned at Chron.com, in a reference to a study reporting that just five minutes of exposure to a mild lavender scent helps curb the release of cortisol, a stress hormone that can trigger inflammation and lead to premature aging.  Other studies are reported to demonstrate lavender's support in fighting insomnia and working as a calming agent.  Lavender also has antiseptic properties, and can be used to calm headaches, when rubbed onto the temples.

(But you already knew that, didn't you?)

What customers are saying about dōTERRA's lavender oil

I have severe allergies.  I am horribly allergic to animals, pollen and mold.  When I moved into a house with two cats, I woke up every night with an itchy throat, itchy eyes and runny nose, and my larynx became inflamed.

After becoming frustrated with the results I had with Zyrtec, Clariten and Nasonex, I decided to turn to essential oils.  I put two drops each of peppermint, lavender and lemon in a capsule and swallowed it before bed.  That night, I slept through the night and woke up without puffy eyes!  I have been using the oils for a week and have had amazing results, without any of the side effects I had from the prescription drugs I previously used.  dōTERRA® oils are amazing!

— Adrienne M., Highland, UT

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